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Spring Bud lights up the future of government employee in Guizhou

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A file photo of Luo Dejuan, a recipient of the Spring Bud aid and deputy Party secretary of Rongdu township in Ceheng county, Southwest China's Guizhou province

"It is the Spring Bud project that has helped me finish the three-year high school studies and created a totally different life for me," said Luo Dejuan, deputy Party secretary of Rongdu township in Ceheng county, Southwest China's Guizhou province, in an interview.

Family burden becomes new incentive to study harder

Luo comes from a rural family in Yata township of Ceheng. Her mother was the only breadwinner in the family after her father cannot engage in agricultural production activities because of illness from some diseases.

Luo's mother had to take several odd jobs besides household chores and farm work, hoping to earn more money for the family.

Nevertheless, Luo's parents still granted their full support for her to continue with her studies. So she told herself to enter a university and ease the financial pressure on her mother.

Luo said that she didn't want to study any more after junior middle school graduation because it was difficult for a rural woman like her mother to raise a family on her own and still send her to school.

The Spring Bud project lights up Luo's life

Later, Luo's teacher surnamed Zhang brought to her the news of the China Children and Teenagers' Foundation (CCTF) and the Spring Bud project when the teacher noticed her improved academic performance.

After a while, Luo smoothly passed the review of her application materials and started to receive financial aid from the public welfare project.

Additionally, officers from local women's federation paid home visits to Luo and encouraged her to study hard and meet the expectation of her parents and those who had lent her a helping hand.

In 2009, Luo was admitted into the School of Economics and Management at Guizhou Normal University (GNU).

During her stay at the GNU, Luo studied harder and took part in various kinds of public welfare activities.

Luo said that the Spring Bud project was like a star in the sky, shining a light on her academic path and future life.

Become a dedicated public servant

After college graduation, Luo became a public servant in her hometown. In the end of 2022, she was promoted to deputy Party chief of Rongdu in recognition of outstanding performance and pragmatic working styles.

Right now, Luo has closely adhered to the principle of serving the people wholeheartedly, remained grateful to the Spring Bud project for its tremendous support, and utmost help to disadvantaged people.

During a summer camp for the Spring Bud girls, Luo talked about her experience, hoping to convey love and warmth to people in need.   

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